Visa sponsored Jobs in Canada 2024 Available Now Just For You

Canada jobs with visa sponsorship for foreign workers relate to the process whereby people from other countries are gainfully employed in Canada, and then their employers help them with the visa process. By doing so you can work legally as a foreigner in Canada.

Now think about this, you want to work in Canada, but then you are not from there, what do you do? You have to understand that, you will need permission to work. That is where the visa sponsorship comes in so if you have a job from your country, those employing you from Canada can help arrange all the paperwork for you.

It is such a big deal because some jobs in Canada need special skills, and maybe there aren’t enough local people with those skills there in their country and they need more hands.

Companies in Canada do not limit their reach and say, “oh you’re not from here so we can employ you”.. oh no, that is not obtainable in Canada. A lot of employers are looking worldwide for the right people and this is why they are taking upon themselves to support the visa process. This is to make it easier for someone from another country to come and work.

If you are among those people getting the job, it’s not just about working; do not think it has finished there, you will have to get the green light to live and work in Canada. So they will give you both the Visa and the permission to stay. That is a two in one package for you.

The only debate or argument around this is mostly due to how countries manage immigration and job opportunities. There are people who will say “it’s good because it brings in diverse talents. And some other people will worry so much about how their jobs are taken over by foreigners.

And this is what I have to say before I proceed to showing you the list of Canada jobs with visa sponsorship for foreign workers; it is not just about employment, it’s a way Canada connects with the world for a mix of skills and experiences.

List of Canada Jobs with Visa Sponsorship for Foreign Workers

Google Canada Workers

There are a lot of Google offices in Canada, and so many of its workers are non-Canadians. There are job openings in technology, engineering, sales, legal, and more.

At Google, everyone gets failed treatment, it doesn’t matter where you’re from, what your race or skin colour is, or whether you’re a guy or a girl. Google believes in giving everyone an equal chance.

Are you interested in tech, engineering, sales, or other fields? Check out the opportunities at Google.

Salary Status:

  • Annual Pay: $97,145 per year
  • Hourly Pay: $49.82 per hour.
  • Entry-level Pay: $58,500 per year
  • Experienced workers Pay: up to $155,048 per year.

KPMG Canada Workers

Do you love auditing, advisory, or tax jobs? It is interesting to know that KPMG has numerous job openings in Canada.

When you join KPMG you will be offered a chance to enhance your skills and grow, regardless of your field.

To be part of the KPMG Canada team, all you have to do is to have a diploma or a Bachelor’s degree certificate.

You get more advantage if you have at least one year of relevant work experience. I think this is an opportunity for you to thrive at KPMG and become a better version of yourself in your chosen area.

Salary Status:

  • Annual Pay for Coordinator: $47,738 per year
  • Annual Pay for Pricing Manager: $139,900 per year
  • Hourly pay for Administrative Assistant Pay : $21.85
  • Accounts Assistant Pay: $37.00 per hour.

Scotiabank Workers

Scotiabank is one of Canada’s largest banks. And the bank has over 25 million customers. The bank provides a lot of job opportunities in areas like accounting and finance with visa support.

Are you a foreigner and you’re good with the banking process or have the needed skills and degree? Scotiabank has various positions open for people like you irrespective of your nationality.

The bank has branches in 9 provinces across Canada and this is indeed amazing, offering job vacancies with a minimum hourly wage of $16.

Salary Status:

  • Annual Pay: $43763 per year
  • Hourly Pay: $16
  • Interns Pay: $51,610 per year

IBM Canada Workers:

IBM Corporation is a company in Canada which provides visa sponsorship for high-paying jobs in software engineering, project management, research, sales, consulting, data & analytics, and IT infrastructure. To qualify, you need a Bachelor’s degree and relevant technical and professional experience.

Salary Status:

  • Help Desk Technician Annual Pay: $42,075 per year
  • Partner Pay: $470,000 per year
  • Quality Assurance Analyst Per hour Pay: $41

Bank of Montreal (BMO Canada) Workers:

BMO is among one of the top 5 Canada’s Banks, offering stress-free visa sponsorship. With around 50,000 employees, including many from different nationalities, BMO is a solid option for those looking to work in Canada.

Salary Status:

  • Yearly pay for Account Specialist: $40,461
  • Yearly pay for Chief Technology Officer. $131,665

Enbridge Inc. Workers:

Enbridge is a multinational pipeline and energy corporation with over 11,000 employees, predominantly hires foreign workers. Even with a 2:2 Bachelor’s degree, you can apply for positions with visa sponsorship at Enbridge Inc.

Salary Status:

  • Annual pay: $91,050 to $116,714

Microsoft Canada Inc. Workers:

Another tech giant company Microsoft, is offering visa sponsorship for various roles in offices across Canada. And this is one of the most recognized Places to Work in Canada. Aside from that, Microsoft provides employee benefits in addition to employment opportunities.

Salary Status:

  • Yearly pay for General Assistant: $44,113
  • Yearly pay for Senior Solution Architect: $198,235
  • Monthly pay for Product Marketing Manager: $4,386
  • Monthly pay for Software Engineer: $5,336

Amazon Canada Workers:

Amazon is an online/offline technology platform which provides diverse job roles, both tech and non-tech, with visa sponsorship available throughout the year. If you are searching for companies in Canada offering visa sponsorship, consider applying to Amazon.

Salary Status:

  • Annual Payment: $45,000 per year
  • Hourly Pay: $23.08
  • Entry-level Annual Pay: $36,270
  • Experienced workers Annual pay: $149,972

Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) Workers:

RBC has been known to be a multinational financial services company, headquartered in Montreal and Toronto, is among the top choices for visa sponsorship. With over 1,200 branches across Canadian provinces and territories, RBC offers flexibility in work locations.

Salary Status:

  • Teller Annual Pay: $40,148
  • Managing Director Annual Pay: $533,418
  • Teller Hourly Pay: $19
  • Wealth Management Hourly pay: $94

Toronto-Dominion Bank Canada Workers:

Toronto-Dominion Bank is the sixth-largest bank in North America, consistently has job openings for foreign workers. With a workforce of over 80,000 skilled staff, TD Bank is a reliable option for those seeking employment opportunities in Canada.

Salary Status:

  • Office Administrator Annual Pay:$16.49
  • Senior Consultant Hourly Pay: $80.19

Suncor Energy Canada Workers:

Suncor Energy is unquestionably among the companies providing visa sponsorship in Canada. So it does not matter whether you’re a recent graduate, a professional, a skilled tradesperson, or an engineer, there are abundant job opportunities available for you.

Salary Status:

  • Intern Annual Pay: $49,346
  • Director Annual Pay: $201,735.
  • Average Suncor hourly pay (Accountant): $23.59
  • Process Operator Hourly Pay: $59.78

PwC Canada Workers:

PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) began its operations in Canada in 2000 and has various job openings across its Canadian offices. PwC offers visa sponsorship for foreign workers in roles such as analyst, economist, technologist, or accountant.

Salary Status:

  • Data Specialist Annual Pay: $41,620
  • Partner Annual Pay: $310,531

Parrish and Heimbecker, Ltd Canada Workers:

Parrish and Heimbecker (P&H), a family-owned grain company based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, offers visa sponsorship. With divisions in feed milling, flour milling, grain marketing, and logistics, P&H is the largest milling company in Canada.

Salary Status:

  • Hourly Pay: $20.97

Deloitte Canada Workers:

Deloitte provides job opportunities for foreign workers in consulting, risk advisory, audit, financial advisory, tax & legal, and more. As one of Canada’s top professional services providers, Deloitte serves clients in both the public and private sectors.

Salary Status:

  • Client Experience Professional Annual Pay: $45,533
  • Partner Annual Pay: $314,620
  • Administrative Assistant Hourly pay: $21
  • Administrative Assistant Hourly Pay: $21

Elastic Path Canada Workers:

Elastic Path is a company whose headquarter is in Vancouver, BC, Canada, specializes in providing an API-based headless commerce system. With a diverse workforce of 51 to 200 employees, including foreign workers, Elastic Path streamlines e-commerce for businesses.

Salary Status:

  • Software Engineer Annual Pay: $88,824
  • Senior Software Engineer Annual Pay: $123,093

Magna International Inc. Canada Workers:

Magna International is an automobile parts manufacturer based in Aurora, Ontario, Canada, is among the top companies in Canada offering visa sponsorship. With about 158,000 employees, Magna produces parts for various car brands worldwide.

Salary Status:

  • CNC Operator Annual Pay: $14.00
  • Hourly Pay for Electrician : $42.58
  • Annual Pay for Controller: $113,612.

Brookfield Corporation Canada Workers:

Brookfield mainly focused on alternative investment management. They are also a visa sponsorship company in Canada. They have over 200,000 operating employees and 1,200 investment professionals, Brookfield invites individuals to explore job vacancies and seek visa sponsorship.

Salary Status:

  • Finance Intern Annual Pay: $42,972
  • Vice President Annual Pay: $208,028
  • Risk Manager Monthly Pay: $9,052
  • Monthly Pay for an Assistant: $10,780.

George Weston Limited Canada Workers:

George Weston Limited is in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. This company offers opportunities for professional growth with visa sponsorship. The company has openings in various fields, including financial reporting, accounting, IT, corporate development, internal audit, human resources, risk management, tax, treasury, and legal.

Salary Status:

  • Digital Marketing Intern Annual pay: $40,297
  • Marketing Manager Annual Pay: $99,504.

Alimentation Couche-Tard Inc. Canada Workers:

Couche-Tard operates over 14,000 stores globally, including Canada, and welcomes applications from individuals with at least a Second Class Lower Division in their Bachelor’s degree. With headquarters in Laval, Quebec, Canada, Couche-Tard has a workforce of nearly 125,000 staff.

Salary Status:

  • Secrétaire Annual Pay: $14.00
  • Hourly Pay Assistant Store Manager: $32.40 per hour for.

Onex Corporation Canada Workers:

Onex Corporation, an investment manager based in Toronto, Ontario, with about 535 employees, provides opportunities for foreign workers to immigrate or receive visa sponsorship in Canada. Onex does not discriminate based on protected characteristics when hiring new workers.

Salary Status:

  • Annual Pay: $125,000
  • Pay for Administrative Assistant. $31.67 per hour

The conclusion

Now you know that Canada provides job opportunities with visa support for foreign workers, attracting talent from diverse fields. Have this in mind that top companies such as; Google, Microsoft, Scotiabank, RBC, Suncor Energy, and so on actively facilitate the visa process. Canada really wants more workers and they are open and ready to embrace global talents. Use any of the processes we provided to your success.

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