HealthCare Assistant Jobs In Canada For Foreigners With Visa Sponsorship 2024- APPLY NOW

Are you an enterprising professional with a passion for healthcare and aspiring to work and live in Canada? The Canadian health industry is offering an amazing avenue to achieve your goals, The Canadian health industry is seeking healthcare professionals from around the world with visa sponsorship, which will help you obtain a work permit and put up an amazing career in Canada.

This is an opportunity for job seekers around the world to take part in.  

Why Choose Canadian Healthcare Assistant Job? 

  • Security: Healthcare assistant jobs in Canada offer competitive salaries, bonuses, and other benefits, and a secure job that may lead to a permanent job. 
  • Stability: Healthcare assistance jobs in Canada create opportunities for career growth and a stable and safe working environment. 
  • Commitment: Joining the healthcare community in Canada means a commitment to the Canadian healthcare community, devoted to assisting and protecting Canada and its citizens. 
  • Diversity: The Canadian government supports diversity and welcomes all individuals from different parts of the world into the healthcare system as long as they meet the requirements. 
  • Permanent Residency: Working as a healthcare assistant in Canada can lead to a permanent job which can create a way for a permanent residency. The healthcare industry usually offers visa sponsorship to help professionals from different backgrounds secure a job in Canada. 

Responsibilities In The Canadian Healthcare Assistant Role 

Before applying for a healthcare assistant role it is important to know the various responsibilities required by this job, the responsibilities may differ according to the health system you found yourself but the basic responsibilities for a healthcare assistant is listed below 

  • Ensure patients are comfortable. 
  • Help in making beds for patients. 
  • Providing care for patients by assisting them in walking around. 
  • Observe patients by checking their temperature, pulse, and weight. 
  • Keep records of patients. 
  •  Work together with other colleagues to carry out various tasks. 
  • Assisting healthcare professionals to carry out different tasks. 
  • Support patients by helping them eat and wear their clothes. 

Benefits Of Canadian Healthcare Assistant Job For Foreigners 

Foreigners thinking of working in the Canadian healthcare system can enjoy the benefits of the Canadian healthcare system. 

  1. Training: Before embarking on the journey of a healthcare assistant in Canada you will be given comprehensive training that will help enhance your skills and improve your knowledge of various healthcare functions. 
  2. Stability: The Canadian healthcare system offers stability and security that will enable you to live and work peacefully in the country. 
  3. Various Career Development: The Canadian healthcare system usually creates opportunities for various career development, you will be opportune to work with different people in different health sectors. 
  4. Experience: Working in Canada can help build your experience, and this can help you gain international experience and career enhancement. 

Canadian Healthcare Assistant Jobs For Foreigners 

To search for jobs for foreigners as healthcare assistants there are various sites you can explore to acquire a healthcare assistant job. 

  1. Official Healthcare Job Portal: Canada has an official portal for different jobs, explore the Canadian Healthcare job portal and search for healthcare assistant jobs, there are different health sectors so you will have to use specific keywords when carrying out your job search you can add healthcare assistant to make your search easier. 
  2. Job Websites: Various job websites upload job vacancies daily, you can explore some popular job sites such as LinkedIn and Indeed to get a healthcare assistant job in Canada for foreigners, most of the jobs on these websites list the details and requirements needed. 
  3. Canadian Healthcare Recruitment: The Canadian healthcare system may carry out recruitment which requires a need for workers in the healthcare industry here by making visa sponsorship available for foreigners,  you should search their official sites to look for such opportunities. 
  4. Direct Contact: This is another pathway that may help you secure a healthcare assistant job in Canada as a foreigner, you can reach out to hospitals you wish to work with and outline your skills and profession, this will require you to send emails to the recruitment team in different clinics, you can also ask them about visa sponsorship. 

Requirement To Apply For Healthcare Assistant Job In Canada 

Healthcare assistant jobs in Canada for foreigners will require various documents, which will include 

  1. Language Proficiency: Language proficiency is very important when applying for a job in Canada, you must be proficient in English or French which is the major language in Canada, and in some cases, you will be required to take a language proficiency test. 
  2. Legal Residency: Applicant who desires to work in Canada as a healthcare assistant must have a legal residency in Canada. 
  3. Education: Healthcare assistant jobs require a certain qualification to be able to secure a job in the healthcare system. The qualifications are always listed in the job application details. 
  4. Visa Sponsorship: This is one of the requirements to apply for a healthcare assistant job in Canada, foreigners who desire to work in Canada often require visa sponsorship, and the healthcare system may help in obtaining a work visa. 

How To Apply For A Canadian Healthcare Assistant Job As A Foreigner 

  • Visit The Government Official Site: Explore the Canadian government’s official website to search for healthcare assistant jobs, and also search other healthcare portals for job openings. 
  • Check For Positions: Check for positions that align with your expertise. 
  • Check Requirement: Assessing the various requirements needed for the job is very important, check for Job requirements to know if they align with yours. 
  • Application: Start the application process the application process may be lengthy, ensure you complete the application process, submit the relevant documents needed to complete the application, and wait for further notices. 

Applicants who meet the requirements will be contacted for further interviews and only applicants who successfully pass the interview will be able to secure visa sponsorship. 

Below is a healthcare assistant job in Canada for foreigners with visa sponsorship 

Job Details 

  • Title: Healthcare Assistant 
  • Location: ON Canada 
  • Company: Arch long-term care MGP 
  • Employment status: Permanent, full-time 
  • Vacancy: 100 
  • LMIA Approved: Yes 
  • Shift: Morning, Afternoon and Night Shift  
  • Benefits: long-term benefits, financial benefits, and health benefits 

Language: English 

Experience: 1 – 2 year working experience 

Education: High school Certification and its equivalent  

Work Setting: Nursing home, rural area, home for the aged 


  • Respond to call signals. 
  • Support patients when carrying out different exercises. 
  • Supply and clear bedpan. 
  • Make patient bed. 
  • Support in feeding patients and helping them serve their meals. 
  • Assist in carrying patients, by lifting and turning. 
  • Help in delivering patient specimens and messages to various departments as instructed. 
  • Ensure the patient’s room is clean and neat.  
  • Assist patients in bathing and wearing their clothes. 
  • Collect patient specimens. 
  • Assist in carrying patients in wheelchairs or stretchers.  
  • Assist patient in carrying out other duties relating to their care and comfort. 
  • Give patients first aid during emergency cases.

Personal Suitability 

  • Organization 
  • Interpersonal skill 
  • Flexibility 
  • Efficiency 
  • Team player 
  • Initiative 
  • Reliability  
  • Trustworthiness 


  • Health benefits: Opportunity to different healthcare benefits. 
  • Financial benefits: Competitive salary and other financial benefits. 
  • Healthcare plan: opportunity to healthcare plans. 
  • Other financial benefits include long-term benefits such as pension plans and life insurance. 


  • Attention to detail: keen eye for details. 
  • Work under strainMust be competent to work under pressure. 
  • Physical fitness: Must be physically fit to be able to carry out various tasks. 
  • Must be competent to bend, kneel, and crouch. 
  • Must be able to stand for a long time. 
  • Be able to carry out repetitive tasks. 
  • Be able to lift and carry weight up to 23 kg. 
  • Must be able to combine walking, sitting, and standing. 
  • Must be able to differentiate between colors. 
  • Must be able to interact and give a distinct description. 
  • Sound intolerance. 
  • Must be competent to walk for long periods. 


  • Healthcare aide certification 

Safety and Security 

  • Vulnerable sector check 
  • Immunization record 


 Canada offers great opportunities for professionals to advance their careers, obtaining a healthcare assistant job in Canada as a foreigner will be a fulfilling opportunity. You can start your healthcare assistant journey by applying for jobs in Canada with visa sponsorship. 

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